3. Kompanie Reichsgrenadier Regiment 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister'
Reichsgrenadier Division 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister'
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'Hoch- und Deutschmeister' Italian Campaign Timeline

Reichsgrenadier Division Hoch- und Deutschmeister (Northern Italy - August 1943).

At the same time as the Hoch- und Deutschmeister arrived in Northern Italy, the Italian High Command's elite Alpini troops relocated to the South Tyrol region, the camaraderie with the Italians was good at this time.

The picture shows Italian Alpini officers as guests of Aufklärungs Abteilung 44 observing a firepower demonstration of Heavy Machine Guns instructed by Oberleutnant Rettschlag.

The final demonstration included Flammpanzern III. To the right of the picture is Oberleutnant Barton, C.O. 3./131 Grenadier Regiment.

Reichsgrenadier Division Hoch- und Deutschmeister (Gustav Line Italy - late 1943 - mid 1944).

Oberst R. Koschella (right), commander from 6.11.1943 to 4.7.1944 of the Reichs-Grenadier-Regiment "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" and Leutnant Schaefer, at the tactical command post of the regiment, Atina (Frosinone), 10.4.1944.


More to follow!

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