3. Kompanie Reichsgrenadier Regiment 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister'
Reichsgrenadier Division 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister'
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Group Members

We are a group of military enthusiasts & historians interested in portraying Axis, in particular Austrian frontline soldiers and their equipment from the mid to latter stages of World War II. We do not portray the political aspect of the Third Reich nor do we support racism, Nazism or any other extremist ideology. Any such behaviour is strictly prohibited in this group.

We enjoy being part of this group and are happy to share our passion for this period of history with the public at our events.

3Kp./Reichsgrenadier Regiment "Hoch- und Deutschmeister"

Hauptmann Wolfgang Kämpfer


Feldwebel Ernst Weiss 


Unteroffizieranwärter Kurt Kampl


Obergefreiter Claus Richter

Gefreiter Stefan Warner

Gefreiter Dieter Greif

Gefreiter Alois Meindl

Grenadier Kurt Hoffmann

Grenadier Lukas Bauer

If one of us should sleep,
Another guards instead of him
If one of us should doubt,
Another faithfully will smile,
If one of us should fall,
Another stands for two,
For every fighter gets from God
His comrades true.



Support Staff

Oberfeldwebel der Feldgendarmerie Kurt MĎ‹ller

Helferin Katarina Schneider
Honorary member

Our great friend & supporter Cerwyn Jones (left) who managed to join us at the Victory Show in 2009. 

Through the medium of the World Wide Web we hope to share our passion and knowledge with a wider audience.
We hope you stay and browse our website and enjoy the content as much as we do!

You never know you might be 'bitten by the bug 'and want to join us?

If so, go straight to the Recruitment page for more information.


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