3. Kompanie Reichsgrenadier Regiment 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister'
Reichsgrenadier Division 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister'
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Links & Sources

  For more information about the Group, the real Hoch- und Deutschmeister Divisions service in WW2, German military equipment, German Armed forces, their Allied opponents and the Italian campaign in general check us out on Facebook - please click on the link below: 

Reichsgrenadier-Division "Hoch-und Deutschmeister".

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Other interesting links:

Original Hoch- und Deutschmeister - Deutschmeister Regimentsmarsch

Know your Enemy Weapons (Part 1) - US Army training film 1943

Know your Enemy Weapons (Part 2) - US Army training film 1943

Massive German counter-attack at Anzio

Main Sources used in creating this website

  1. Die 44. Infanterie-Division, Reichs-Grenadier-Division Hoch- und Deutschmeister 1938-1945 (Dettmer, Jaus & Tolkmitt)
  2. Wikipedia
  3. tanks-encyclopedia.com
  4. Monte Cassino: Ten Armies in Hell by Peter Caddick-Adams
  5. http://www.dalvolturnoacassino.it/asp/n_main.asp


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