3. Kompanie Reichsgrenadier Regiment 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister'
Reichsgrenadier Division 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister'
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We are a UK-based re-enactment group formed in late 2011 basing our impression on the Austrian Reichsgrenadier-Division "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" during the period 1943-44.

Our history & philosophy

At the end of 2011 when we created our new re-enactment group from the ashes of our previous one and when looking for our own new 'U.S.P.' we decided to base our impression on the Austrian Reichsgrenadier Division 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister' which had fought as part of the German Wehrmacht in World War II. More specifically we decided that our new portrayal would be focused on the soldiers of 3 Kompanie, Reichsgrenadier Regiment 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister'.

As the 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister' Regiment had fought as either part of the 44 Infanterie Division or as the Reichsgrenadier Division at two of the most pivotal battles in World War II, Stalingrad and Monte Cassino, and throughout the course of the war they had also fought the Allies at various times on all fronts and had rightfully earned the respect of their opponents as a unit that fought well and could not be underestimated. As a re-enactment group we decided that this was the type of unit that we would like to portray especially during its time serving on the Italian Front. At that time there was little attention in the UK re-enactment scene to a unit of this type on this particular front, so we decided to focus our attention there.

As seasoned re-enactors we remain very committed to maintaining historical accuracy in order to further improve our impression & we also strive to maintain a high standard of authenticity to show as accurately as possible how the ordinary soldier of the 1943-45 period lived in the field and how he fought in the greatest conflict the world has ever known. We remain committed to helping keep this part of history alive in an effort to better educate ourselves and the public at large about a part of history that is often overlooked or misinterpreted. The display of Third Reich symbols or insignia on this website, our Facebook page and at our events is done solely as part of an attempt to accurately portray the soldiers of this period as is our desire to portray the common German, or in this instance Austrian, Army soldier serving in a unit with a long historical background reaching beyond the confines of World War II.

The Reichsgrenadier Division 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister' is a non-political re-enactment group, we do not embrace the philosophies and actions of the original NSDAP (Nazi party) and we wholeheartedly condemn the atrocities which made them infamous. This group also feels that it is very important to remember that the Allied victory in Europe did not come easily and units such as the 'Hoch- und Deutschmeister' had to be overcome to achieve final victory and whilst we acknowledge the fighting prowess of the "Hoch- und Deutschmeister" we also salute the bravery and sacrifice of all Allied combatants in the greatest conflict the world has ever known, without them we would not have the freedom to do what we do!

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